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School Song

余振強紀念中學校歌 (Yu Chun Keung Memorial College School Song)

Let us rejoice, Let us sing and praise together
The great Law which stands forever
As the rule of love and right
Let us proclaim, That to God and man alike
We should give what we are obliged
We must give each one his due
We must give each one his due

With our studies and our Wisdom
(We give God what is his due)
In our laws and in our work
(We give man what is his due)
By our care and by our love
(We give self what is his due)
To each one we give what's due

Let us be fair, while we pass through life's despair
Burdened under tasks and snares
With the hope of a better share
Let us prepare, For a life of love and care
Led by right and fully aware
Everyone must have his due
Everyone must have his due

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