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English Environment

We have established and continue to expand an English-rich environment for our students that enhances their English language proficiency through the following strategies:

  1. English is used as the Medium of Instruction in Mathematics and Integrated Science in selected classes from F. 1 to F. 3.
  2. Extended learning activities are organised in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and History in junior forms to broaden students’ opportunities to interact with subject specific technical language.
  3. A ‘Writing across the Curriculum’ Programme is implemented in F. 1 and F. 2 that bridges and aligns English language learning in English, Life & Society and Integrated Science, enhancing student interest and writing ability.
  4. English is used as the Medium of Instruction in Mathematics Extended Part Module 1 and selected Mathematics classes in senior forms.
  5. Opportunities are provided to students who wish to use English as the Medium of Instruction in Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Business, Accounting & Financial Studies.
  6. Students continue to compete and participate in Hong Kong-wide competitions and various English activities including the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, the Hong Kong Secondary Schools Debating Competition, and English drama, English Fun Day, etc.
  7. Scholarships are available to support students who are interested in joining study tours to Australia or New Zealand during the summer holidays.
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